Working opportunity in Gambia



About The Gambia

The Gambia is well known as 'the smiling coast' and with a good reason. Gambians are among the friendliest people you could hope to meet.

As you explore The Gambia you'll find almost everyone, whether they are total strangers or old friends, will have a smile for you. It may come as a bit of a shock to the first time visitors.

The Gambia may be the smallest country in mainland Africa but this is no reflection of how much it can offer you - it is the perfect and safe introduction to Africa.  Already established as a haven for “winter sun” visitors, The Gambia is fast becoming known as an all year round destination.

Its warm climate, close proximity to Europe and similar time zone (Central Europe time), English speaking locals and low-priced products and services contribute to its growing reputation. Famous for its magnificent 80 km coastline, The Gambia is far more than just a beach destination. The country’s eco-system provides a sanctuary for over 560 species of birds and the meandering waterway of the rivers of The Gambia lends itself to watersports, fishing and inland cruising. Whatever the holiday or other purpose, The Gambia has something for everyone.

Our work offer

We, as a 118 finder company group located in UK, Spain, Finland, Estonia and The Gambia, have over 10 years experience of business directory and marketing services to business customers.

Our main goal is to help our customers to have more visibility in internet. For this, contact details and other information of our customers are placed into special business directory websites. Services are optimized for major search engines, like Google and Bing, and currently most of our business customers are from Finland and Estonia.  

We are known as a solid and secure payer for salaries and sales commissions.

The sales work consists of new sales and sales to corporate customers by telephone, in one of our main office, either in Spain or The Gambia.


• No working on evenings and on weekends

• Continuous personal training

• Modern facilities and equipment

• A comfortable working atmosphere

• Fixed guaranteed salary and additional sales commission

You can influence how much you can get paid (base salary + commission). We offer jobs for both long and short-term employment.


For long-term employees we will assist you in finding an apartment. Also we will help you with other practical matters.


The Gambia, unlike many of its West Africa neighbors, has enjoyed a long time of stability since its independence year 1965.  

Before coming to The Gambia it is advisable to know the various issues concerning your health & personal safety. It’s best to protect yourself against various threats, hazards, loss and malaria, in order to make your stay as a pleasant one.  A first aid box with basic malaria treatments would be made available for you by the 118finder Group. 

Within The Gambia, a range of adequate clinics, hospitals and pharmacies can be found around main city of Banjul, Serekunda and the main resort areas, wherever you go. The doctors and the pharmacists will generally speak English fluently.

The Gambia is generally a safe travel destination, also regarding crimes and associated issues.