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What is 118finder?

118 finder offers search and directory services related to companies, people and social media. Additionally we have services related to web hosting, mobile sites and classifieds.Please see our brochure


Benefits of Business Finder service

Our business finder service is truly international. It supports millions of companies in 212 countries and over 47.000 cities all over the world.

Service coverage:  Global directory and dedicated country level directories (UK, Finland, Estonia, Sweden).

Search Options: keyword, company name, industry, location, map functions etc.


Benefits of People Finder service

Trying to find people using a general search engine such as Google brings back a ton of results, however, those results can take a while to filter through and they're not always good. 118 finder takes care of this problem by focusing search results in one "profile card". Each card suggest items (including pictures) that are likely to be related to that specific individual. Card includes also the link of main source of information, for example Facebook. Results are sorted by the matching value.

Service coverage:  Service covers billions of web pages from millions of websites both in the deep and the surface web.

Search Options: name, location, email, phone (USA and Canada only), city, state, or age range.


Benefits of Social Media Finder

Social media networks have typically search limitations (results cover only own network). However, meta search engines, like our Social Media Finder, covers many networks in one page and keyword. You can, for example, search Twitter discussions, Youtube videos, News articles from Google, pictures, music (you can even play music from the search results).

Service coverage:  Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, LastFM, Google News, Reddit, SoundCloud

Search option: keyword