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Category: Business Enterprices

Solar Enterprise Gambia is among the most powerful solar companies in The Gambia. We have been established since May 2007 in The Gambia and registered with the Attorney chambers, Gambia chambers of commerce, and Kanifing municipal council. Solar Enterprise basically offers solar lighting and solar pumping systems on a small and large scale for individuals, organizations, institutions, communities and Governments.

We also do maintenance of these solar systems and repair all their components in the event of dysfunction. Solar Enterprise has highly skilled and trained technical personnel who will efficiently and effectively install solar systems both in pumping and lighting systems. We guide you on how to run the systems and also give comprehensive safety measures. Our technical team constitutes around 15 people, including plumbers and installers. We have two outlets in The Gambia, one at No 48 Kairaba Avenue Pipeline and another at Brusubi highway. Solar Enterprise consistently imports good-quality solar components from the USA, Europe, and Asia. These components are durable and effective because they are tested and approved by recognized institutions for quality control and assessment. We offer a minimum warranty period of 12 months and a maximum warranty period of 36 months for all our systems installed.

We have been partnering with other solar companies in The Gambia and beyond like Senegal, Guinea Bissau, and Sierra Leone. We also offer our good quality solar products and services in these sister countries. Our Major partner lives in Sierra Leone and we have been constantly supplying and installing solar systems there for over 7 years. These systems are mainly for individuals, NGOs, and communities. Since our inception, we had installed over 2500 solar systems both in pumping and lightning systems in The Gambia and over 300 in other countries. All these systems have been installed and maintained within the warranty period. For our skilled, effective and efficient work, we have received the loyalty of our esteem customers for many years. If you’re looking for solar repair and solar panels for sale in The Gambia, this is the place for you. And we offer the best solar panel prices in The Gambia.